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     THE LEGAL TEAM of Andrew N. Piraino and Aaron Zimmerman are attorneys who represent disabled individuals.  Since 1979 they have handled thousands of cases for persons who have been seriously disabled as a result of on-the-job incidents, motor vehicle accidents, and construction site accidents.  These attorneys have handled  virtually every type of accident or disease which causes a person to become disabled and unable to work.


     When a person is disabled, frequently there are several seperate legal claims which must be independently pursued. That's right, one accident can create multiple legal claims!   A mis-step or failure to properly pursue every legal claim can be devastating--both financialy and emotionally. 


     The disabled person is  already the "vicitm."  Every disabled person needs to protect their  legal rights and prevent being victimized a second time by the legal system. 


     Which claims exist?  Workers Compensation.  Social Security.  No-Fault.  Negligence.  Private disabilty insurance poilicies.  Disability pensions. . . . . . . The list of potential claims goes on and on.   Every disabled person needs to  protect their rights-- and protect their family's needs-- action must be taken. 


     Most disabled persons are not familar with the law.  What is the disabled person to do?  Simple!  Hire a lawyer who is familiar with the law and has successfully handled many cases.


    The ability to give answers to these and similar questions is what make the The Legal Team effective--Attorney Piraino and Attorney Zimmerman handle the claims of disabled persons -- every day.


    That is why every disabled person needs THE LEGAL TEAM.



Why choose THE LEGAL TEAM?


     Simple  --  Results ! ! !


  •      Years of litigation experience.
  •      Thousands of successful claims.
  •      Millions in cash and medical benefits recovered.


     Every disabled person is unique with individual needs-- and every legal claim is just as unique.  No lawyer can promise every client a positive outcome.  Yet, for decades The Legal Team has enjoyed a history of sucess! What is their "secret" -- 

. . .  Knowledge 

       . . .  Experience 

                . . .  Skill 

                         . . .  Judgment  . . .  and  . . .  Hardwork  . . . 


                             There is no shortcut to sucess. 


Legal fees are only paid if a successful result is obtinaed.

     Most claims are handled on a contigency fee basis.  This means the disabled person only pays a fee if The Legal Team is successful in obtaining benefits.  Wouldn't it be great if your doctors agreed only to be paid if you physically recovered.


About our Legal Practice

Geographical Area Serviced.

THE LEGAL TEAM is based in

Syracuse, New York and represents

clients throughout Central New York.


These attorneys represent disabled persons from:

Oswego -- and areas North of Syracuse

   Cortland -- and areas South of Syracuse

       Utica -- and areas East of Syracuse

           Auburn -- and areas West of Syracuse


The Legal Team

Legal Disclaimer

Warning!  This is general legal information.  No one should make any  decision  using only web site information.  Use of this website does NOT create an attorney-client  relationship.  Every person is urged to hire an attorney to represent their interests.   Anyone who would like to hire Andrew N. Piraino, Esq and/or Aaron Zimmerman, Esq as their attorney is required to first have an IN-OFFICE interview AND the prospective client must first sign a WRITTEN retainer agreement.  Andrew N. Piraino, Esq and Aaron Zimmerman, Esq are not partners but independent associates.


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