Attorney Zimmerman and Attorney Piraino . . . . . . . . . . . . have both been awarded the designation . . . . . . . . . . . SUPER LAWYERS (c) . . . . . . . .

     Upstate New York is generally thought of as the entire area outside New York City and Long Island.  Geographally this is the area  from Buffalo to Albany to Yonkers; and from Potsdam to Watertown to Bignhamton.


     There are approximately 30,000 lawyers in Upsate New York.   Throughout all of Upsate New York only a very small number of attorneys are awarded the Super Lawyer designation in the field of workers compensation law. 



     That's right--Attorney Zimmerman and Attorney Piraino have each been recognized as Super Lawyers.  This is one reason why every disabled person needs The Legal Team to represent them.


    For more information on what it takes to be awarded the designation of being a Super Lawyer-- see:


Knowlege, Skill, Experience and  Judgment:


     The Legal Team understands a disabled  person not only suffers from the limitations caused by physical disabilities and pain -- but the person's whole world has been turned upside down.  Life is now stressful.   Every disabled person needs attorneys who have the  ability to skillfully  navigate the hazards of the legal system.

The goal of The Legal Team is secure a successful result.  Its that simple. 

     All disabled persons deserve competent  legal help--and The Legal Team's 30 plus years of experience is your assurance that they know how to handle your case.


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